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I have always loved drawing and designing from a very young age.
Came back to it seriously several years ago, when I discovered Serif products.

Started designing web sites and logos just for myself and friends originally but then decided to go freelance.
I’m happiest when engrossed in designing or even re-designing. I get great satisfaction producing a graphic that is both pleasing to the eye, yet unusual.

Sometimes a design takes on a life of its own, then it really does become unique.

I love using many different graphic software programs. These are just a few of them.


WebPlus X2
Web Plus 10

Web Plus 9

Draw Plus 8

Photo Plus 10

Page Plus 11


Photoshop Elements 4
Photoshop CS2
Dreamweaver 8

Illustrator CS2
Fireworks 8


Xara Xtreme

Xara 3D 6

Webstyle 4

Coffee Cup:

HTML Editor

Flash Firestarter
Visual Site Designer


PhotoDraw 2

Frontpage 2003



BlueVoda Site Designer